April 16, 2024Summer Love

Summer Love

Romance does not fall short with us even in the summer. On the contrary, the opportunities to spend time together even expand, allowing you to use the warm days and mild evenings to immerse yourselves together in the unique mountain world. Whether it's exploring dreamy hiking trails that wind through blooming alpine meadows and past crystal-clear streams, or enjoying a cozy picnic with a panoramic view – nature provides the perfect backdrop for uninterrupted togetherness. Be enchanted by a spectacular sunset while sitting closely together in a secluded spot, or enjoy the shooting stars on a clear night sky. For the adventurous among you, there is the opportunity to try new activities together, like climbing in the mountains or riding the Flying Fox, to experience the freedom and beauty of the Alps from a bird's eye view.

You can also enjoy more special moments during a private dinner on the terrace, where by candlelight and with a glass of fine wine you can experience the silence of the mountains, making your time together unforgettable. The warm summer evenings invite you to linger together in one of the numerous idyllic spots of the Forsthofalm, enjoying the peace and togetherness. Here, you can deepen your connection and love for each other as you watch the sunset bathing the peaks in a golden light.

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Perfect match

All you need is love!


Romantic bath under the stars

In our unique romantic bath under the starry sky, you will experience hours of unforgettable togetherness! With champagne, chocolate fondue and fruit, you will really enjoy yourselves. For two hours, you'll be close to nature and far away from everyday life.

The warm water of the whirlpool envelops you while the twinkling stars shine above you and create a magical atmosphere. The scent of essential oils and the gentle flickering of candles allow you to forget the stress of everyday life and relax completely. Our attentive team will ensure that you want for nothing so that you can concentrate fully on each other.

Let yourself be enchanted by the silence of nature and the gentle rustle of the forest as you share precious moments. The romantic spa is the perfect place to celebrate special occasions or simply enjoy love and togetherness. An experience that will make your hearts beat faster and bring you even closer together.

Treat yourselves to this exclusive highlight and create memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to the romantic spa at the Forsthofalm - where dreams come true and love takes center stage.

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