Your holiday at the Holzhotel Leogang.

Inspired by the power of life and nature.

The Forsthofalm is a place of power surrounded by the multifaceted nature of the Leogang mountain scenery. You can also experience the nature that surrounds the wooden hotel in the Forsthofalm, which has long been considered a pioneer of ecological change in the hotel industry.

The Forsthofalm is a special hideaway for all those who want to let go and spend their time in a special place, because time is luxury. Here you can fill this time with the things that are close to your heart. Be it your favourite people, the awareness of good nutrition, or spending your day actively and in nature. Because when you spend time in a special place in your life, it leaves a certain feeling, a special mood in you. You should feel comfortable and free here, feel alive and be able to let go - enjoy your time and absorb this feeling for yourself.

At the Forsthofalm we live between yoga sessions, wellness moments, outdoor experiences and Sundower events. We enjoy organic cuisine from the Essential Elements kitchen and sleep in rooms made of moon wood. We live every day anew, in our own rhythm.

Join us, your experience in the mountains.


Eco Rooms & Suites

Timeless, natural & cozy

Our rooms are a play on nature. You look at the Steinberge and alpine meadows and hear the cowbells ringing in the distance. Feel like you are in another world. Our rooms are made entirely of local wood and are free of glue or nails. A feeling of pure nature! In all our rooms and suites are homemade herbal products for you and the scent of the pine is unique.

What sets us apart


At 1050 meters, between the Leoganger Steinberge, the Asitz peak and the treetops, the Forsthofalm has a dreamlike solitary position in the mountains.

Daily Yoga

Every day you can start or end your day with meditation and yoga - just as you like it!

Organic kitchen

From our Essential Elements Kitchen you get the best organic cuisine - vegetarian, vegan, fish or meat.


Is capitalized with us! Whether in the construction of the wooden hotel, the use of energy, natural cosmetics or organic food, it is a common thread that runs through the Forsthofalm.

Mountain experiences

Whether with your skis, your e-bike or your hiking boots, the adventure is waiting for you right in front of the hotel. Create your day the way it brings you the most joy!


With a rooftop pool, several saunas, panoramic relaxation rooms, a large sun terrace and the SPAnorama area, you can enjoy yourself on the roof of the Forsthofalm.



Your Beat in the Mountains

Life is full of surprises. We like to live in the moment and decide spontaneously what we feel like doing. That is freedom for us. Sometimes we want to discover the mountains while mountain biking or hiking, sometimes we feel like doing yoga, and sometimes we love to relax with a glass of wine with cowbells in the background. There is action 365 days a year with us - we are both at the gondola and directly on the ski slope, and also in the middle of the largest bike park in Austria.

With us you live according to your very own rhythm.

Your mountain match

Your place under the sun

The days are getting longer again and the sun is slowly making its warmth felt. In spring and summer, you can experience wonderful days at the Leogang rooftop, surrounded by nature. Secure your place under the sun - by the pool, on the mountain terrace, on your panoramic balcony or on a marvellous hike through the Alpine landscape.


It is not long until the surrounding mountains delight us again with beautiful snow and we can start from the wooden hotel directly on the slopes. As ski in - ski out you sleep here in the middle of the ski circus and experience wonderful winter moments!


Where the mountains meet the clouds

Massive mountains, dark green firs, the scent of lush meadows, and the distant ringing of cowbells, this is the Forsthofalm - at 1050 meters.

Surrounded by wildly romantic nature, we are in a solitary location on the mountain, yet so close to lively Leogang. On our Rooftop Pool & Spa you catch sun rays and experience the most surreal sunsets. In our moonwood-scented wooden hotel you can follow your very own flow, and in the evening discover regional cuisine with influences from all over the world.

Discover more

Romantic Getaway in the Mountains

Experience unforgettable togetherness! You can spend romantic time together amidst nature, surrounded by mountain panoramas, wellness, and culinary delights. Perfect for a cuddle-filled weekend in a true hideaway atmosphere – the secluded location of Forsthofalm ensures truly special moments.

Yoga & Retreats

Our experienced yoga instructors will guide you through a variety of yoga styles, from Vinyasa to Acro and Yin Yoga, helping you find the perfect balance between movement and stillness. Each retreat is tailored to your level of experience so you can get the most out of your practice.

Ski & Snow

The Forsthofalm is not only in the ski area, it is right in the middle of the slopes! As a ski in - ski out you are sure to be the first at the lift, without the annoying search for a parking space in the morning. Start your day easily here!


With over 400 km of marked hiking trails, Leogang offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. From gentle walks through lush meadows to challenging alpine climbs, there is a trail for every hiker.


Whether downhiller, freerider or e-biker - we have the bike trails right outside the hotel door. Here you live in the middle of the bike paradise of Leogang. Start from the hotel straight into your downhill adventure or ride relaxed with the e-bike to the sundowner on the Asitz.


Immerse yourself in the world of golf and experience unforgettable days full of challenge, enjoyment and relaxation. Our exclusive golf package promises you three days full of adrenaline, culinary highlights and well-deserved relaxation.



Vibrant flavors, locally inspired.

With vibrant flavours that awaken your senses and set your taste buds dancing, we welcome you to our Essential-Elements-Kitchen. In our open kitchen, where the grill's flames flicker and the scent of aged steak fills the air, we celebrate the essence of local inspiration.

Our passion for regional, seasonal, and organic produce is reflected in every lovingly crafted creation. Each bite is a tribute to nature, to the fresh ingredients carefully selected and processed with dedication. For we firmly believe that good food should not only delight your palate but also nourish your body and soul.

Diversity is not just an option but a promise for us. Our culinary masters care for you with affection, regardless of your dietary preferences. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or a lover of meat, you'll find an abundance of delicious options that will make your heart soar.

In every dish lies the soul of our chefs, who surprise us with inexhaustible creativity and passion every day. Our menu is a living artwork, constantly evolving to offer you the best from around the world.

And that's not all! Our main course is served in sharing style, so you can share the joy of eating with your loved ones.

Health, creativity, sustainability - these are not empty words for us but the foundation upon which our kitchen stands. And the result? A culinary experience that touches not only your palate but also your soul. Welcome to a world full of vibrant flavours, where sharing meals is not just a tradition but a matter of the heart.


Wellness & Spa

Where life feels magical and smooth.

Our Rooftop Spa & Pool. An area surrounded by fresh mountain air, hot sauna infusions, the scent of alpine herb soaps and the refreshing waters of the outdoor pool. After a little nap in a waterbed, a hot sauna bath and a glass of wine with a view of the mountains, you feel happy and relaxed. Your heart beats more calmly, but the endorphins dance.

Yoga & Fitness

Open your heart to the sky

Our daily yoga sessions will bring you an inner strength and satisfaction. With the best yoga teachers in their field, we celebrate Body and Mind and give you strength for new experiences. We offer intelligent yoga sessions - indoor and outdoor in our dome overlooking the mountains. For other fitness sessions we also have a gym on our rooftop with alpine views and Japanese tea bar.


As a vibrant retreat, we specialize not only in wellness and relaxation but also in embracing the joy of life. Forsthofalm is perfect for breathtaking marriage proposals, birthday parties, team meetings, or even photoshoots. Whether in the forest, our Zendome, meeting rooms, or on our rooftop terrace, we will find the perfect location for you. We embrace life as it comes, which is why we occasionally host spontaneous events such as house music by the campfire, white nights, or an aperitif on the meadow.