April 5, 202410 Experiences in the mountains


Hiking in the mountains, especially around the Forsthofalm, is more than just a walk—it's an immersion into the pristine beauty of nature. With a variety of different hiking trails that lead through breathtaking landscapes, the Forsthofalm has something for everyone: from leisurely paths suitable for the whole family to challenging routes for experienced mountaineers. The fresh mountain air, the picturesque views of the surrounding peaks, and the idyllic tranquility make each hike an unforgettable experience. Along the way, rustic alpine huts invite you to pause and refuel with traditional treats. Hiking at the Forsthofalm is the perfect way to actively experience and relax in the natural beauty of Leogang. Right outside our doorstep, you can start your adventure. Up to 400 km of marked hiking trails await you around the Forsthofalm.


The culinary offerings at the Forsthofalm, as well as in the surrounding huts, are a feast for the senses, blending the rich tradition of Alpine cuisine with a touch of modern sophistication. Here, guests are pampered with dishes lovingly prepared from fresh and regional ingredients, making every bite a true taste experience. From hearty breakfasts that energize you for the day to elegant evening menus, Leogang offers a range of culinary delights that reflect regional diversity and quality. Whether you're craving a traditional "Brettljause" after a long day in the mountains or prefer a fine gourmet dinner, the region knows how to fulfill your culinary desires at the highest level, all while offering an atmosphere that makes the connection to nature palpable.


The yoga experiences in the mountains offer a perfect symbiosis of the mountain's strength and the gentleness of yoga practice. Surrounded by the majestic Alpine landscape, the yoga sessions—whether outdoors under the sky or in our harmoniously designed spaces with breathtaking views—enable a deep connection with nature. These special moments are accompanied by the fresh, clear Alpine air, making each breathing exercise a refreshing experience. Under the guidance of our experienced yoga instructors, both yoga beginners and experienced practitioners find their path to inner peace and physical well-being. Discover a place of silence and strength, which, through the unique connection of yoga and nature, invites true relaxation.


Leogang, a gem in the Austrian Alps, is a treasure trove full of cultural experiences that reflect the deep roots and vibrant traditions of this region. Here, where the mountains tell stories, visitors can immerse themselves in a world rich in customs, music, and craftsmanship. Traditional folk music evenings that warm the heart, local festivals celebrating the alpine lifestyle, and markets showcasing the region's skillful crafts invite exploration of Leogang's cultural heritage. Historic houses and museums offer numerous insights into the past and present stories, legends, and craftsmanship that have shaped this unique area. A visit to Leogang is more than a journey—it is a vivid encounter with the culture and history of the Alps.


Especially for those in love, the romance of the mountains offers a particularly heartfelt experience that makes hearts beat faster. Imagine a private couple's pool, exclusively for you and your better half, surrounded by the serene splendor of the Alps. Here, in this secluded oasis with an unobstructed view of the mountains, you can enjoy undisturbed moments of togetherness, accompanied by a chilled glass of Prosecco and a selection of fresh fruits. This romantic experience provides the perfect backdrop to celebrate love and connection—be it an anniversary, a special occasion, or simply a spontaneous act of romantic affection. Under the open starry sky, the couple's pool at the Forsthofalm offers an unparalleled setting for romantic memories in the mountains that last a lifetime.


In Leogang, a true paradise awaits biking enthusiasts. With an extensive network of trails, the region offers suitable terrain for every skill level—from gentle routes for beginners to challenging tracks for experienced mountain bikers. The breathtaking scenery of the Austrian Alps makes each tour an unforgettable experience, where you can enjoy nature in all its glory. In addition to traditional mountain bike routes, Leogang boasts one of the best bike parks in Europe, thrilling even the most daring bikers with its diverse downhill and freeride tracks. Whether you want to explore the landscape at a relaxed pace or test your limits on spectacular trails, Leogang provides the perfect setting for your next biking adventure. And to make the experience even easier and more flexible for you, we offer our own bike rental complete with everything you need.


At the Forsthofalm, you can expect a wellness experience that uses the natural power of the mountains to harmonize body and mind. In our eco-spa, which blends seamlessly into the surrounding nature, you can breathe in an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Our spa treatments are inspired by the alpine environment and use local herbs and natural ingredients tailored to your body's needs. From a relaxing herbal scrub to a rejuvenating massage with mountain views, here you will find the perfect setting to relax and rejuvenate. Additionally, our heated outdoor pool and various saunas with breathtaking views invite you to let your soul soar and fully enjoy the silence of the mountains. At the Forsthofalm, wellness is not just a break, but a profound experience that lets you feel connected to nature.


Celebrating in the mountains is also possible, especially with us, where the energy of the Alps and exclusive flair create an incomparable atmosphere for any kind of festivity. A special highlight is when the owner himself DJs, creating a lively mood and good spirits with his music. In our chic bar, which impresses with its stylish interior and a wide selection of drinks, the nights come alive. Here you can toast under the starry sky, gather in good company, or enjoy an elegant dinner while admiring the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Here, joy and laughter find their place, and the nights turn into unforgettable moments that linger in memory for a long time.


You can even continue pursuing your fitness goals in the mountains—whether outdoors, surrounded by majestic landscapes, or in our gym with a breathtaking view of the Asitz peak. The Forsthofalm offers the perfect setting and the necessary equipment for this. Here, the energy of nature and the motivation to move merge into a perfect workout experience. While outside, the hiking trails and bike routes invite active exploration, inside awaits a fitness area that leaves nothing to be desired. This environment not only motivates you to achieve existing goals but also to take on new challenges and expand your limits. At the Forsthofalm, you'll find everything you need for your personal fitness journey—in an environment that challenges the body and refreshes the mind.


To conclude our exploration of the 10 unforgettable experiences in the mountains around the Forsthofalm, a very special activity must not be overlooked: golfing in the Austrian Alps. This experience caps off our list by combining a passion for sports with the unparalleled beauty of nature. The golf courses near the Forsthofalm offer not only challenging and varied holes for players of all levels but also breathtaking views that turn every tee-off into a moment of admiration. Whether you are experienced golfers looking to improve your handicap or beginners discovering the fascination of this sport, the unique atmosphere and tranquility of the Alpine landscape provide an incomparable playing experience. Let the natural splendor inspire you and enjoy the perfect harmony of sport and nature. With this highlight, we conclude our list of the top 10 experiences in the mountains, which we hope has inspired you to experience for yourself the diverse joys and adventures that the Forsthofalm and its surroundings have to offer.



For summer 2024, we have come up with a special weekly program so that you can experience the countless highlights of the surrounding area and the Forsthofalm to the fullest.
With our weekly summer program, new adventures await you between blooming alpine meadows and majestic mountain peaks.


Hike with the Widauer family: Enjoy nature with your family on a relaxing hike. Meeting point at 10 am at the bar!


Yoga in the forest at 10 am - Be inspired by the tranquillity of the forest and recharge your batteries with an outdoor yoga class. Meet at 10 am at the bar!

Free bike testing with Denise at 5 pm - approx. 30 min


10 am Bike Tour with Denise: the tour will be determined depending on the weather and participants!

Golf with Tina - Spend a sporty day on the golf course and enjoy the game in good company. Meet at 10.30 am at the bar for joint departure or by arrangement.


Free bike testing with Emil at 5 pm - approx. 30 min

SAUNA NIGHT - Sauna, Drinks and Dessert at the Rooftop until 10.30 pm: Relax inside a hot sauna and enjoy drinks and desserts with a view over the city. End the evening with delicious desserts, cocktails and a relaxing night sauna.


Yoga outdoors: “With views of Tyrol and the Stone Sea”
Hike towards the middle station, with small exercises in nature. Meeting point at 11:55 a.m. at the bar, distance by arrangement


10 am Bike Tour with Emil: the tour will be determined depending on the weather and participants!

White Night Dinner & Music: Enjoy a special dinner accompanied by live music.

Saturdays it is "all white everything" night.
We kick off the evening with a White Dinner featuring flying desserts at the bar. Put on your finest white party outfit, dance to groovy DJ sounds, and enjoy champagne on the sun terrace. Until midnight, our live acts will provide cool beats and chill vibes at our hotel.

Look forward to beautiful warm summer nights, a magical atmosphere, and unique memories! Celebrate every Saturday with your Forsthofalm team.

PS: Don't forget - DRESS CODE: ALL WHITE!


Lazy Sunday Breakfast until 11.30 am: Start your Sunday comfortably with an extended breakfast until 11.30 am.

*Weather-related changes possible...