Experience a sustainable holiday in the mountainsOrganic food, renewable energy, eco-cleaning products and much more.

What makes the Forsthofalm sustainable...

Wooden construction

Our wooden hotel was designed and built to be free from metal and glue. This construction method is particularly sustainable, it saves heating costs by about 85%. Furthermore, wood is a particularly durable building material. Wood lives in itself and is constantly changing. It takes on colors and changes them again, this creates a special atmosphere. And if the wood does wear down, it is 100% recyclable.

Renewable energy

We have had a sustainable energy concept since the remodelling in 2008. Through the use of wood alone, we have achieved heating savings of 85%. The hotel has a solar thermal system and a photovoltaic system. All the waste heat from the cooling system is fed into the pool and the energy is therefore reused. Our smart living room ventilation system uses exhaust and supply air to heat the room and as soon as a window is opened in a room, the heating system automatically switches to standby. We also have solar panels on the roof of the Forsthofalm, which we incorporate into the energy we use.

Organic Food

In our Essential Elements Kitchen you get almost exclusively organic quality. In addition, high quality from the region, from neighboring farmers and farms that we know personally and are aware of animal husbandry, vegetable fertilization and quality. Our dishes are sustainably planned and yet creative. We also focus on seasonal produce and use leftovers for staff lunches the next day, for example. Reduce Waste!

Water concept

Our water concept is well thought out. We have installed shower heads and fittings that minimize water consumption. Not only do we save water directly, but we also leave water that is not needed in the eco cycle.

Eco cleaning & detergent

Our detergents and cleaning agents are eco-certified. Where possible, we also use natural additives such as vinegar or citric acid.

Organic cosmetics

In our SPAnorama we use only natural cosmetics. For all facial treatments we use the products of Akari, for massages we use homemade oils with essential oils.

Hotel shop

In our small but fine hotel store you will find personally curated products. Almost all the products are made in Austria.


Austrian Ecolabel, EU Eco Label and many other awards for sustainability.

Local commitment

Local commitment is very important to us, because as a hotel we are part of regional tourism. In order to shape this as sustainably as possible, we are actively involved in various projects and promote regional cooperation.

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Jul 17, 2024
Jul 24, 2024

A fine stay in a sustainable Hotel in Leogang!

Enjoy and experience eco holidays & organic cuisine at its best.

Are you looking to spend your vacation in an ecological wooden hotel and embrace sustainability? Then you've come to the right place! The Forsthofalm Wooden Hotel in Leogang is all about environmentally conscious travel and sustainable construction made of moon wood from Thoma Holz.

You can experience a vacation in harmony with nature at our sustainable hotel. Our wooden hotel was built with great care and using sustainable materials. The moon wood from Thoma Holz not only boasts exceptional quality but also an ecological origin. Each room shines with warm wooden tones, creating a cozy atmosphere for your relaxation.

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