ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS KITCHENCrackling fires and colourful spices organic culinary delights from the Essential-Elements-Kitchen

Holidays in the organic restaurant of Leogang

Experience culinary highlights at the Holzhotel Forsthofalm.

Our kitchen team creates seasonal and creative taste experiences every day from morning to night. In the morning, a wonderful breakfast with regional products from local farmers awaits you. Whether healthy muesli, herb cheese or fresh croissants. In addition, we bring you homemade pancakes, French toast or eggs with wild mushrooms. In the afternoon you get a light snack with soups and salads. In the evening, the kitchen creates daily changing sharing menus. Our patisserie expert is responsible for dessert.

We pay attention to the quality of all our dishes. Almost everything we serve is BIO-certified organic. Seasonal and regional products from farmers we know personally sometimes deviate from this, but we always make sure that they meet the quality we have set as our goal.

You also get a rich choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Every meal and every course offers at least one choice.


Charcoal grill

In the mountains, a fireplace is often the heart of the home. People gather around it, warm themselves, cook and talk. The wood crackles and a warm, smoky smell of fire fills the air. Our chefs know when the embers are perfect for a dry-aged steak, mushrooms from the forest or a mountain lake trout. Colorful spices, fresh vegetables and homemade dips make our hearts glow.

While the barbecue sizzles in the evening, our ovens are red-hot in the morning and ready for homemade bread. The restaurant is then filled with the aroma of fresh farmhouse bread at the organic breakfast buffet.

Essential Elements Kitchen Highlights

Vegan, Fish and meat selection

As a vegan, you make no compromises with us. You get a vegan selection for every meal. In our sharing main course in the evening menu, all side dishes are vegan. If you have any special requests, or any allergies please contact our service team at the table. Also we serve fresh fish dishes and meat from the grill, prepared in an open show kitchen.

Sharing Style

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming concept of food sharing at Forsthofalm. As part of our multi-course menu, the evening's main course is a shared affair, bringing together the flavors and stories of our carefully crafted dishes. Join us for a culinary journey that not only delights the palate but also fosters a sense of togetherness and sustainability as we pass around plates and share the joy of fine dining in a communal spirit.

Organic, regional-seasonal fusion cuisine

All dishes are regional and seasonal, adding a modern twist to traditional Austrian cuisine. Almost all ingredients are organic. If something is not certified organic, then we show it. We pay attention to quality, for example, we sometimes order something from our neighboring farm, which is not certified organic, but keeps its animals species-appropriately.

Plant Based & vegan

Energetic, creative, colorful, regional, organic

In countries such as Israel, India and Thailand, fresh vegetables, herbs, seeds and cereal products have always taken center stage. In Israel, for example, a grilled eggplant is served with a bright pomegranate and a sumac yoghurt dip and the taste buds explode. Here too, salads, vegetables and fruit feature in the creations of the Essential Elements Kitchen.


Every morning we serve an organic breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread, vegan dips, healthy juices, cheese and sausage products from regional farmers and individually prepared eggs with mushrooms and herbs from the forest. When the beautiful flower meadows are in bloom, we are also happy to prepare a picnic basket for you so that you can enjoy your breakfast outdoors in the sunshine.



In our free time, we often go on wine trips and add the best wines from the most diverse countries to our wine list.

Whether it's a fruity white wine from South Africa on a warm summer night, a Finnish red wine by the fireplace, or a sweet dessert wine from Andalusia for dessert.

But not only wines from all over the world make our wine list special. We have a special selection of natural wines on our menu, as well as a variety of Austrian wines from special and friendly winegrowers. Join us on a wine journey and we will tell you the stories of the wine regions and our vacation experiences.



In addition to the classics, we specialize in local herbal cocktails. We use our own herbs such as thyme, sage, oregano and pine branches to conjure up our signature mountain cocktails. Our bar manager will also create a customized drink for you after consultation.

Bottoms up!



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vacation with organic food

Are you looking for an extraordinary culinary experience during your vacation? In our organic restaurant, we will pamper you with a nature-based cuisine that focuses on regional ingredients and will delight you with culinary delights.

Our restaurant offers a diverse selection of dishes prepared with high-quality organic products. From fresh vegetables and fruits to succulent meats and delicious fish specialties, you can expect a taste explosion of natural and healthy ingredients.