Yoga Retreats in the mountains embrace your body, mind & soul

Retreats in the mountains

Experience memorable yoga retreats that move you!

Several times a year you can participate in yoga retreats at the Forsthofalm. You will experience unforgettable days in your very own private yoga retreat group. Reconnect, Female Empowerment or Movement - each retreat has its own magic. Be there and give yourself a very special time!

Exceptional program

Our yoga teachers prepare and customize the retreat programs so that you will have the best possible experience during the days on site. Depending on the core theme, each retreat has an individual program.

Organic food

From our Essential Elements kitchen you will be provided with healthy and regional organic cuisine. For all meals we offer a wide selection for vegetarians and vegans. Here everyone gets a taste for it.

Group dynamics

The retreat groups will remain closed during the program and the meal. Around the retreat you will of course have time to explore the breathtaking landscape, take time for yourself or chill out in the Sky Spa.

Could not find the right retreat? Then come anyway and enjoy the mountains, the organic cuisine, the SKY SPA, and great moments!

Apr 18, 2024
Apr 25, 2024

Enjoy your meal with a clean conscience: culinary indulgence at the Forsthofalm

The Essential Elements Kitchen

At the Forsthofalm you will be catered for and pampered with all-round culinary delights. With our new sharing concept, you no longer have to choose just one dish for the main course, because you will be served all vegan dishes automatically!

  • Seasonal, regional & organic
  • big vegetarian and vegan selection
  • healthy afternoon snacks - soups, salads and more
  • 5-course evening menu