Pure seduction in SPAnorama at an altitude of 1050 metres with an inspired herb treatment in our Biohotel Österreich

Re-discover nature in the Almwellness in Austria. After a mountain hike or a bike tour take the time for a relaxing, beneficial massage with individually chosen herbs, wild plants and flowers. Feel the difference on your skin on your wellness holiday in Salzburg when our herb expert, Claudia Widauer, leads you into the world of senses. In our SPAnorama in Naturhotel Leogang you will find, 365 days in the year, Summer or Winter, a breathtaking view of the Alps and the Salzburg mountains. Spoil your palate with vegan dishes, refined with mountain herbs in our restaurant KUKKA.

Nature pure in our Naturhotel Salzburg - 365 days in the year

Our team carefully make the products with natural rich ingredients from the area. With each treatment in the SPAnorama in our Naturhotel in Salzburg the individual herb treatment is tailored to your momentary needs. The ultimate goal for us, is to fulfill your requirements in your wellness holiday in the mountains. Experience the herbs, wild plants, flowers and honey on your skin, and how your body feels. Almwellness in Holzhotel Forsthofalm is relaxing, exciting and spiritual.

Pure seduction by the unique aroma of the local herbs and plants in our Bio-hotel in Leogang

Your senses will be awakened in our Almwellness in Austria, Leogang.You will find hand-picked herbs, unique oils and creams, and a special lip balm, all that and lots more, in our Bio- Naturhotel in Austria. Everything here is home-made. We do not use any chemicals and there are no bulk products, only products from Austria, from Salzburg, from Leogang.

Individual harvesting and storing times for our local mountain herbs - guided herb walks in our Bio-hotel Leogang

Our herb expert, Claudia Widauer, knows every plant in the local mountains. She is a jewel in our Bio-hotel Austria. Every plant has its harvest time and is individually picked, at the perfect season and time of day for the plant, so that the best effect can be used in our Naturhotel Österreich . In our vegan hotel in the province of Salzburg you can feel these herbs in the SPAnorama or taste and experience the unique effect in the creative and tasty dishes in our restaurant KUKKA in Naturhotel Salzburg.

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