Flying Fox Leogang

Glide away over the mountain pastures like an eagle, special alm wellness (spa) in the mountains.

A Spa holiday in the mountains has many facets in our Nature hotel in Leogang. 365 days in the year excitement, diversion and challenges on a hiking or biking holiday or searching after adventure and wild life in the Alps. Here with us in Wellness (Spa) hotel in Leogang you dive into a world without standards and rules, choose the perfect day, individually tuned, on your holiday. The Flying Fox in Leogang brings you into another world, in a world of freedom and unlimited possibilities. Share this unforgetable feeling with your partner during your romantic holiday in the mountains and enjoy then a culinary flight with us in our Bio-hotel with Spa.

Start off your holiday in the mountains with a steel rope slide at an altitude of 1.600 metres above sea level and a top speed of 130 kmh (over 80 mph). Unique, fly like an eagle over the Alm and the facinating mountain world and then visit the Alm Spa with an adrenalin shot and thrill. Alpine Life-style, lots of surprises are waiting for you. The Flying Fox - the thrill is almost accessable! The Holzhotel Forsthofalm in Leogang is the starting point for fun, excitement and challenges in nature, 365 days in the year.

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