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You can read more about our eco-philosophy and how we incorporate sustainability into our daily hotel life here.

A retrospective into the family history is offered by Senior Chef Franz Widauer. Together with his wife Katharina, they laid the foundation for Forsthofalm 50 years ago. The family's gastronomic journey began at an altitude of over 2,000 meters in a mountain hut. Later, a ski lodge was built to cater to guests, and after ten years, the first guest accommodations were added. Father Franz Widauer also instilled a sustainable way of life in his children and, by extension, in Forsthofalm. He was a co-founder of the SalzburgerLand Bio Paradise and is considered a pioneer in organic practices within the family.

Forsthofalm presents itself as a revolutionary wooden structure, constructed entirely from wood down to the last peg, fulfilling high ecological standards, notably through resource-efficient energy generation from photovoltaics and biomass. 70,000 wooden pegs hold together 245 tonnes of solid wood, replacing the usual adhesive bonds. The living and well-being experience in a solid wood building like Forsthofalm is unique – no metal or other materials disrupt the harmonious energy.

By the way, did you know that the wood used for Forsthofalm is called "moonwood"? This is wood that was exclusively harvested during the waning moon, making it far more durable and resilient than other types of wood.

"Trees have a positive impact on our health. Sleep becomes deeper and more relaxed, the heart beats more calmly, our nervous system and the entire organism are strengthened. The scientifically proven effects of wood are best experienced where all disruptive factors such as chemicals and toxic adhesives are consistently avoided. Forsthofalm is a pioneer as a dedicated wooden hotel for your well-being." - Erwin Thoma

The patented Holz100 construction envelops people in pure, solid wood. In terms of room climate data, protection against extreme heat, cold, mobile networks, as well as soundproofing, fire protection, and earthquake safety, the unglued solid wood shell sets the highest standards. Satisfied builders and hotel guests who return to this unique atmosphere time and time again are our greatest compliment.

Erwin Thoma from Thoma-Holz summarizes the well-being atmosphere of Forsthofalm: "Anyone who spends a night in one of the new Forsthofalm rooms sleeps with 4,000 fewer heartbeats. Trees help us sleep better. Trees help us wake up better in the morning and replenish our health and vitality. Forsthofalm is the world's first and only seven-story full wooden hotel with a rooftop pool. That's a global sensation!" Erwin Thoma also emphasizes the uniqueness of the overall concept: "Forsthofalm offers its guests a unique well-being atmosphere in a pure wooden environment, combined with stunning nature and breathtaking views – you couldn't ask for more from a vacation!" And he adds: "Forsthofalm is on the right path – one that will continue, because in the case of Forsthofalm, it's very successful."

After the official part ends, guests are treated to the natural culinary secrets of the new Forsthofalm and take a behind-the-scenes look during a house tour. On the "Sky Spa" rooftop terrace, the new Alm cocktails are sampled, while bread baker Roswitha Huber bakes fresh bread live, Annemarie Foidl, President of the Austrian Sommelier Association, leads wine tastings from the Iby and Jurtschitsch wineries, and DJ Kiri sets the mood with music.

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