January 23, 2024The best huts to stop at

The best huts to stop at

Discover the culinary gems of the ski region Leogang, Saalbach, Hinterglemm, and Fieberbrunn, where alpine charm meets great taste. In Leogang, the "Hendlfischerei" invites you to an unforgettable experience with its first-class gourmet cuisine accompanied by DJ music. For lovers of traditional dishes, the "Stöckalm" offers delicious meals prepared with great love.

In Saalbach, the "Montana Royal" and "Turner Alm" await you, both known for their excellent cuisine. The "Montana Royal" combines gourmet dishes with DJ entertainment, while the "Turner Alm" impresses with its rustic ambiance and traditional food.

Hinterglemm presents itself as a gourmet paradise with the "Wieseralm" and "Genuss hoch 12", both known for their high-class cuisine. The "Roswaldhütte" and "Reiter-Alm" complement the offerings with traditional dishes that warm the heart and soul.

For beverage enthusiasts, the "Hasenstall" and the "Hochalm Mitte" are the perfect spots. And last but not least, in Fieberbrunn, the "Wildalpgatterl" attracts with traditional, homemade dishes that delight every gourmet.

Each hut in this ski region promises a unique culinary experience that makes your ski days unforgettable. Enjoy the perfect combination of breathtaking mountain scenery and excellent cuisine!


Montana Royal

The Montana Royal in Saalbach combines excellent gourmet cuisine with a lively atmosphere, marked by the presence of a DJ. Here, traditional Austrian dishes are presented with a modern touch, prepared from high-quality, fresh ingredients. The stylish interior and dynamic music create a unique ambiance, ideal for gourmets and night owls. The Montana Royal is thus a perfect spot for an upscale culinary experience in Saalbach.



At high altitudes, "people come together" in a relaxed way. And sometimes, a bit elevated. Guests turn into friends, whether it's over an apple strudel or for a lifetime. Seasoned with a few rays of sunshine, everything tastes happier here. Finer, more enjoyable, more mindful. The cuisine at the Rosswaldhütte is sustainable, traditional, and "Pinzgau-style". Seasonally balanced. Originally produced. And regionally grown. Because in the clear alpine air, hunger arises.

For fresh, crisp, and hearty, savory dishes. But always with the famous view beyond the horizon. Or beyond the edge of the plate. In any case, looking both over the shoulder into grandmother's recipe book and forward towards a trendy, light, vital cuisine.


Genuss Hoch 12

"Genuss Hoch 12" delights your palate with dishes from Italian, international, and Austrian cuisine – using ingredients from selected, regional partners. For liquid pleasure, there are excellent wines and lovingly assembled drinks.



The Hasnstall Snow Bar, located right on the Hochalm slope, can be described as one of the most popular meeting spots in the ski circus. With varied music, refined wine and beer culture, Nespresso coffee (what else?), good and select spirits and brandies - fun is guaranteed during après-ski.

TIP: In winter, regular live acts with DJs and solo artists take place!



The Hendlfischerei in Leogang is a unique and fascinating concept that combines traditional Austrian cuisine with modern culinary influences. This charming restaurant, known for its excellent gourmet cuisine, specializes in delicious chicken dishes, which are artfully prepared and served with a selection of fine side dishes. Guests can enjoy a variety of innovative and classic recipes, all made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

A special highlight of the Hendlfischerei is its atmosphere. In addition to exquisite food, the Hendlfischerei also offers a unique entertainment program. A DJ provides lively and dynamic music, perfectly complementing the relaxed yet stylish ambiance of the restaurant. The combination of outstanding food, refreshing music, and a warm, inviting decor makes the Hendlfischerei a must-visit for anyone looking for an unforgettable culinary experience in Leogang.


Reiter Alm

The Reiteralm cooks with passion, and most preferably with self-produced products. Austrian classics are a must, as are hearty home-style dishes or our own smoked fish. All dishes are refined with wild herbs of the summer, offering our guests a touch of mountain aroma throughout the year. Let yourself be surprised by our homemade blueberry, pine needle, or lingonberry liqueurs. For those with a sweet tooth, the Reiteralm prepares fresh ice cream in creative flavors like basil, blueberry, or chocolate mint. The Kaiserschmarren and blueberry Palatschinken following "Kathi´s recipe" are also popular classics at the Reiteralm.



The Stöcklalm in Leogang is a true gem of traditional Austrian hospitality and cuisine. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Leogang, this alpine hut offers a quaint and down-to-earth ambiance deeply rooted in regional culture. The Stöcklalm is renowned for its authenticity and commitment to traditional values, reflected in both its decor and its interaction with guests.

What sets the Stöcklalm apart is its excellent cuisine. Here, traditional Austrian dishes are prepared with a passion for quality and freshness. The menu offers a variety of hearty dishes made from local ingredients to capture the authentic taste of the region. From classic Wiener Schnitzels to delicious dumplings - each dish is a reflection of Austria's culinary heritage.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Stöcklalm makes it the perfect place for those seeking the real Austrian alpine experience. Whether it's for a hearty meal after a day in the mountains or simply to gather in a cozy round, the Stöcklalm is a place that combines tradition and excellent cuisine in an unparalleled setting.



The Thurneralm in Saalbach is a charming hut of alpine tradition and hospitality. With its rustic charm and an authentic, down-to-earth style, it offers a true Alpine experience. The cuisine of the Thurneralm impresses with traditional Austrian dishes, lovingly prepared with fresh, regional ingredients. This idyllic alpine house is the perfect place for lovers of genuine alpine cuisine and cozy atmosphere.



The Wieseralm, situated at 1,500 meters altitude, serves as a starting point, a break, and a destination all at once. Located right in the middle of the hiking and skiing areas, it's an ideal place to stop by, especially given its excellent gourmet cuisine. We recommend at least one visit to savor their diverse menu.



For years a culinary magnet for locals and visitors alike. Located right at the exit points of the Zillstatt and Gatterl T-bar lifts at 1300 meters. Famous for its first-class cuisine and friendly service. Tasteful ambiance with a unique collection of winter sports posters. Centennial hunter's parlor. Wildlife enclosure with fallow deer.

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