Mountains on firemidsummer on June 22

Midsummer Festival

Have you ever stood on the mountain and watched as hundreds of mountaineers climbed to the summit of the Leoganger Steinberge and lit torches at the top so that the mountain silhouette shone in magical flames?

Enjoyed a glass of champagne by the campfire and simply savored the magical moment?

On Saturday, June 22, it's that time again! Together we will celebrate the Midsummer Festival on the mountain and experience the unique event of the “Mountains in Flames”.

For the midsummer festival, we set up a champagne bar on the alpine meadow in front of the Forsthofalm, light the campfire in the fire bowl and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Leogang Steinberge mountains opposite.

We celebrate life and unforgettable moments together!

Forsthofalm Moments