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In our Bio-hotel Salzburg nature is beautiful 365 days in the year

In our wellness hotel at the alm you experience a world, free from paradigmens and standards, following the rules of nature. The Forsthofalm is not only a Bio-hotel in Salzburg, we are also a designer hotel in the Alps and we portray freedom, to enfold the meaning of principled openness. You can experience our Naturhotel 365 days in the year, and enjoy nature, multi-faceted and beautiful, in as many days. Be part of nature in our wellness hotel in the alm, in any of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, discover nature’s surprises time and again. The Holzhotel Forsthofalm is your reliable partner in the Salzburg Alps, wellness in bad weather, sunBAR in good weather, walking or making a journey of discovery in the rain and skiing in Winter, all waiting for you.

365 days in the year Sky SPA, rooftop pool and SPAnorama

Feel the mood on our terrace - snow, rain, fog, storm or sunshine, every mood is exciting in Wellnesshotel at an altitude of 1050 metres above sea level. At the open fire in front of our Naturhotel in Leogang on the panorama terrace or in the rooms and suites of solid wood, cut in a positive moon phase, and an unbelievable feeling of freedom, through the close contact with multi-faceted nature . In Spring life awakens in designer hotel in the Alps, hibernating animals wake up and go in search for food, and the young are born. Be part of this, watch how the flowers at the alm in the Leoganger Steinbergen unfold and the herbs grow and their aroma develops. Enjoy too, the time where nature is resting and you can use the snow covering to ski-in and ski-out.

365 days for a journey of discovery through nature in our Naturhotel Austria

Nature gives us 365 days in the year various herbs, plants and healing remedies which are picked, stored, prepared and then skilfully used by Claudia Widauer in our Bio-hotel Austria. In the kitchen, to Fine Dine on your plate for a romantic week-end in Salzburg, or in a realxing treatment on your skin, and to penetrate your soul, you can convince yourself of the power.

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