Morningstar on 1050m

The breakfast buffet at an altitude of 1050 m in a wonderful mountain position is supplemented with dedication and love, local bio products and a vegan corner.

Breakfast in bed for romantics or for long-sleepers on sun-flooded panorama terrace in the middle of the hiking area, the aroma of freshly-baked bread is always present. The egg dishes are freshly prepared in front of your eyes and the juice machine presses your chosen vegetable or fruit juice. Every morning you will find our bio products from chosen local farmers and a special vegan corner with an exciting selection, accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine in our restaurant. Our environmental hotel near Tyrol gives you this unforgetable view tot he Alps, the sole position in the middle of the hiking area in Summer or directly on the ski slopes in Winter offering wild luxury, time for one another and time for fun and adventure, without diversion, directly into enjoyment.

Pleasure without bounds, in the morning, in Vegan Hotel Österreich. Mix your own Müsli from hearty bio products and eggs from happy hens from Leogang. By wellness in the mountains a home-made spread with a piquant note, colourful creations and a rich exciting choice at Morning Star should not be missed.

Romantic in the morning in our ecological hotel

Get up in the morning and embrace yourself. The anticipation of the breakfast buffet and the coming day in Holzhotel Salzburg is increasing. Feel and enjoy the hearty nature. Smell the freshly prepared egg dishes, follow the warm aroma of home-made bread and press out your own fruit juice in Vegan Hotel Österreich. Home-made butter, the smoothness of which does not leave the palate, in combination with our bread, cheese and other regional specialities which simply make you happy.

The Morning Star on our panorama terrace or in bed in the Naturhotel Österreich?

The glass of sparkling wine before breakfast begins raises your good mood and motivates. On our beautiful panorma terrace in the middle of the hiking area, with a view to nature, accompanied by the mountain air, delighted by the wind, warmed by the sun, the day begins with a hearty smile. But also for our long-sleeping guests, the Morning Star is waiting until late morning in vegan Hotel Österreich. Especially for lovers, the Morning Star is an experience, let your breakfast be brought to your bed, use the time for one another with a smile, a loving gesture, a hug.

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