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Spa holiday in the mountains with a 360° panorama wide view, nature is freedom at the alm at 1050 metres.

„The most beautiful experiences are not the loudest, but our quietest hours“ (Friedrich Nietzsche). Spend this time with us in our SPA Hotel in Leogang, open 365 days in the year. Take a varied bike tour with an E-bike or a mountain bike, after a hike or after skiing , goose-pimples on your skin in our SPAnorama, accompanied by a 360° panorama view, herb fragrance and wild luxury in Nature Hotel Austria, the Forsthofalm. Claudia Widauer, our herb expert, changes mountain herbs to engaging, beautifully scented products. Our SPA menu with numerous interesting massages and treatments is the right choice for a spa week-end in the mountains. Our wellness hotel with sauna, sole steam bath, Finland sauna and the warm bench ensures a pleasant feeling in your spa holiday in the Alps.

From alm-pair time, to alm-body time to alm-cosmetic time in the SPA hotel in Austria

We live our „not only…… but also“ strategy also in the SPAnorama in our Wellnesshotel in Leogang. Choose the treatment and the room which is now perfect for you during your spa week-end in the mountains. The fragrance of the herbs guides you, let yourself be kidnapped into the world of nature, into the world of feelings and fragrances in the alm spa in the mountains. The attractive possibility of retreat in the SPAnorama is possible, alone or for a romantic holiday together in our pair room. Dive together into our Alm wellness, together for your spa holiday in the mountains which let you dream of longing and the feeling of soft hands on your skin.

Be spoilt with Akari, with the intelligence of nature for a wellness holiday in Salzburg

Akari means light, shine, lighting as in well-being, radiant look and lighting „natural“ ways for your inner balance. In our SPAnorama you will find tailored products, light, music and aromas, for your personal and holistic treatment.

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