A slightly different way of cooking in our life-style hotel in Leogang. What nature looks like, to feel it on the palate and the pleasure to know more, you experience every day something new here with us.

Cooking on the wood grill is a specially healthy and creative way of preparation, which in our alm spa in the mountains naturally must not be missed. In each season, whether Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, we use bio-products, presented from our local surroundings. Experience every day, really close, how creative dishes are magically produced on glowing, hot wooden coals in our show kitchen. Whether steak, fish or vegan cuisine, individuality and unchangeablity are distinguished. Finally the palates will be refined with alm herbs, a special experience for the palate on your spa holiday, which remains in your memory.

The creations and individual preparation method impress with a distinctive taste and fragrance , dominating the freedom and naturalness. Food makes you look for more, various tastes are tempted. Food is communication, look our chef, Peter Weiße, directly in his eyes, see what he thinks and feels and how he skilfully prepares and tastes. The fish, the local whole trout, the colourful bio variety of vegetables, the fruits and the meat dishes will be grilled on the wood grill, directly in front of our astonished guests in our bio hotel. The most careful and low fat way to prepare food is to grill it. It gives lots of free space for the preparation and refinement of the food and room for the individual taste of our special bio products.

The wood grill – the central point of communication in our life-style hotel on the mountain pastures

New exciting entry into the cuilinary worlds at Meet & Greet. As a hotel with vegan cuisine vegetables will be crisply grilled, exotically seasoned and lovingly served. A vegan experience with heart is waiting for you. Bar tables directly next to the fire, glowing coals and above the ingredients to be grilled, a tasty aperitif in your hand, nice and confidential discussions and lots more can be enjoyed in the life-style hotel in Salzburg. The grill radiates warmth and smells of fire, it is crackling and smokey, the air is glistening over the finished dishes, which will then be served by our staff in the Holzhotel Forsthofalm in Salzburg.

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Steak Grill Meet & Grill

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