Vegan food from the wood grill? A culinary challenge in our Bio-hotel in Leogang. Colourful diversity, colourful creations, in the trend of time and 365 days in the year.

Our vegan chef takes great care to lovingly produce a colourful surprise on the plates every day. In our vegan restaurant he creates new herb variations with fun and devotion and spoils you with hearty meat-free cuisine. Our hotel with vegan cuisine excells with natural affinity and living flair, dares to take new culinary routes, new vegan trends and cooking pleasures and tried new flavours. The vegan cuisine in our bio-hotel is exciting, a challenge on the palate and pure joy at dinner.

Our hotel is not only a wooden hotel with affinity to nature and living flair, but also a hotel for the vegan cuisine and an excellent offer of natural wines. Specially chosen local products, prepared on the wood grill, refined with alpine herbs and seasoned from our vegan chef. There is a lot of bio in our bio-hotel. For us, the vegan nutrition is a love and a belief, which we share with friends by the choice of dishes on our varied menu. The variety offered reflects our slogan, freedom in nature, once again. Freedom is, to be able to choose freely. In the morning at breakfast you will already find a mixtur of vegan specialities, boredom on your plate is a thing of the past.

A matching drink, a natural wine at dinner in Biohotel Salzburg?

To our tasty creations our sommelier will recommend the suitable natural wines. This is a special pure wine, that is pressed as naturally as possible. From the vine to the bottle, wherever possible, one dispenses with additions and cellar technology. The result is a clear, tasty experience which, by certain connoisseurs, enjoys great popularity.

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