Orange Wines

Orange wines for the fine palate, for the connoisseur of natural wines. Wellness holiday in the mountains, combined with a journey through the wine world in Holzhotel Leogang.

In our Naturhotel in the mountains the orange wine is, again and again, a new tasty challenge for our guests. For every season, whether summer or Winter, the orange wine always finds the right temperature. A new experience for active holidays or by romantic hours for two, orange drink experience? With these „Natural Wines“ and „Orange Wines“ it is all about the treatment of the wine from the wine garden, as naturally as possible. Therefore, most of the natural wines are bio, bio-dynamic, or demeter wines. Natural wines are usually fermented from whole grapes on their stalk, spontaniously, only with natural yeast. The wines lie for a very long time - up to one year - don’t normally have any sulphur and are therefore highly coloured. Their colour tones change from dark gold to orange and amber.

They are sometimes cloudy. The fermentation odours of the natural wine can be unusual. They seem stronger, are richer in tannins and richer - although without wood, as they are fermented with combs (with the stalk - the grapes are not destemmed. For the fermentation process of Natural Wines amphora are usually stored dug into the earth or also above ground. Natural wines and Orange wines are non-perishable and shohuld be treated like red wines: large glass, carafe, drinking temperature between 12 - 16 ° C. The vine and the wine grower fad into the background, the wine shows its‘ origin and strongly reflects the soil and the region. The production of the wine in this way has a long tradition - it is, however, the most original and oldest method of processing the grapes.

The Orange Wine, a pure product from mother nature

The most extreem expression of the Natural Wines are the Orange Wines. They are naturally cloudy, orange, extreemly complex on the palate and demanding. Orange Wines are in a world of their own - look forward to a new taste experience.

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