The delicate aroma of fresh bread wakes the senses and accompanies you through the whole Holzhotel Forsthofalm . Especially for the vegan cuisine a real highlight.

In our romantic hotel bread consists not only of flour and yeast, water and salt. The ingredients are especially the Alps, nature, well-being, freedom and love. The aroma of our home-made bread in the oven is wellness for the senses. Our bread-baking oven is heated lovingly every day, the ingredients for the bread are skillfully blended, the loaf formed, baked and carefully cut for our guests. Especially in Summer, when you are sitting on the terrace enjoying the mountain weather a slice of freshly baked bread with home-made butter, strewn with mountain herbs from our meadows, is an embodiment of purity and naturalness of Austria’s mountains.

Your own creation in Naturhotel in Leogang - from flour to bread

Within the framework of our Mountainlife programmes, there is a regular course in bread baking given by our chef, Peter Weißer. Create your own life, your own aroma to your own personal taste. Discover the advantages of a bread baking oven in our Holzhotel Forsthofalm. Feel the difference, get to know nature and smell the cleanliness, freshness and seasoning.

Bread is life and life is luxury here in the Alm at an altitude of 1050 metres in the middle of nature.

Bread is not just bread. Bread has a lot of qualities, a variety of shapes, tastes, preparation and seasoning. Through the daily fresh preparation, the aroma reaches people in almost every room, the hotel is flooded with a combination of aromas: sensitive pine and the fragrance of bread baking.

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