Bar/Restaurant KUKKA

Food without borders, wood grill and orange wine, vegan and vegetarian specialities, cuilinary highlights in our Holzhotel in the centre of a hiking and skiing area

On a Spa holiday in the mountains the culinary quality must be good and provide holiday surprises. Our show kitchen with wood grill and bread-baking oven offers an experience with the motto „freedom in nature“, how products in professional hands are changed into exciting dishes. The special choice from steak, fish and vegetables from the grill, as well as vegan and vegetarian specialities are available every evening for you. With the 5-course gourmet choice-menu the food is defined tasty and natural, simple cuisine. Whether you come for Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide, Mother’s Day or to celebrate a birthday, we present you dishes with a special natural own taste. In our bio-hotel the products that are prepared and offered grow locally in the Austrian Alps.

The restaurant in our Bio-hotel Leogang was christened with the unique name KUKKA. This was chosen and inspired by Emmi Widauer’s country of origin, Finnland. So, also the variety of dishes a way-of-life, philosophy of life, naturalness and warmth, truth and love. Nature is freedom, also in our kitchen, as freedom is to be able to choose freely.

An open show kitchen with wood grill and a bread-baking oven in Holzhotel Forsthofalm

With the motto "Freedom is Natrue" you will find a life world with a special stratetgy and enjoy with us steaks, fish and vegetables from the grill, as also vegan and vegetarian specialities. The Holzhotel Forsthofalm defines that tastily as a natural, simple cuisine. The natural, own taste of the products is the core of the subject. In our Naturhotel in Leogang local products, from directly in front of the door, are processed and offered, as, for example, needles from a type of mountain pine, which grows above an altitude of 1200 metres, nettles, moss, wild herbs, mountain hay, leaves from the trees, mushrooms and berries. Products from local farmers are preferably bought, 70 per cent come from bio farms – vegetables, fruit, salad and our breakfast is 100 % biological.

Award for excellent cuisine in Holzhotel Forsthofalm

The Chef in our spa hotel, cooks with love for detail. He refines his dishes with hand-picked mountain herbs from the region and gives these, therefore, a unique taste, which stays in your memory. After an enjoyable day in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn a tasty dinner accompanied by a good glass of wine is just right

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