Freedom in Nature – experience a world that simply follows the laws of nature, granting freedom from everyday structure and rules. All this makes the Forsthofalm far more than a mere hotel – by providing you with the space to unwind and unfurl, we bring meaning to your stay.

Experience nature all year round,
for nature is beautiful throughout.

Timber hotel, alpine wellness and
the ‘herb fairy’

Our timber hotel is built to sound ecological principles from solid moon-phase harvested wood. Set at an altitude of over 1,000 m, the Forsthofalm radiates pure energy and opulence for the senses.

Our resident ‘herb fairy’ Claudia collects wild herbs for use in wellness treatments, incorporating them into massage oils, peels and wraps for optimum Alpine wellness.

Head chef Robert Bauer bakes fresh bread every day, and also cooks over an open flame on the charcoal grill – whether meat, fish or vegan produce, you can be sure of the finest regional organic quality. 

The Forstholfalm timber hotel – it’s a new world for individualists, romantics and people who love nature 365 days of the year.

A very warm welcome to Leogang!
With kind regards from the Widauer family

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